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Galway Cartridge is providing consumers and businesses with an alternative to reduce the impact of the millions of cartridges that are thrown away and end up in landfills each year.  By making this choice, you are helping to protect the future of our environment.  This proactive solution to waste reduction is a win/win for consumers, entrepreneurs and the environment.  Every cartridge reused means one less cartridge in our landfills.

Recycling cartridges is environmentally friendly and you can feel good about supporting sustainable development for the planet's limited natural resources and not adding to our already overloaded landfills.

Most printer cartridges can be recycled, refilled or reloaded. Recycling is a hot issue and another huge growth industry. Here are a few good reasons to recycle printer cartridges:

  • More than 3.4 litres (3/4 gallon) of oil are needed to make one new laser cartridge.
  • In just 12 months, Cartridge Recycling could save 1 million litres of oil in a country of 4 million people
  • Laser printer cartridges account for over 90% of all throw-away cartridges
  • A laser cartridge thrown into landfill can take up to 450 years to decompose
    Buying a new cartridge uses more resources with a higher cost to you
  • Working for your community, in your community. As well as being environmentally responsible,
  • Recycling cartridges also creates local jobs. Our cartridges are locally, refilled or refurbished on site, supporting your local community (compared to new cartridges which are mass produced overseas and sold by local dealers)

By bringing your used cartridges to Galway Cartridge you can help protect Ireland’s Environment. We also offer the consumer an alternative to purchasing new whilst helping to save the environment.

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