My Laser Printer Broke down

Most common breakdown reasons for Laser Printer are:

1. Paper jam - User is getting Paper Jam message on the printer screen. Usually paper clip or staple got stuck inside the printer (75% cases). Paper was inserted incorrectly in the paper tray, or wrong type of paper or media have been used.
2. Feed roller paper jam - This occurs when feed rollers are dirty or need to be replaced.
3. Toner sensor error display on the screen - Faulty toner or Toner contact issue.
4. Fuser overheating causing image burn and paper to crumple.
5. Fuser life time over - Printer had reached service interval and wasn’t serviced on time.
6. Dots, lines or leaking toner on the page - This is very common problem. Faulty toner or user shaking the toner to get more out of it. Laser printer from 1994 to 2001 had Magnetic Toners inside. Nowadays, all Laser printers have Chemical Toner, which will leak if shaken.
7. Colour blur or printing offset - Usually it is a firmware issue or laser lamp not firing on paper properly , some caused by bad contact on corona wire inside the printer or even a calibration issue.
8. Print out is very light - This fault is usually because ink is getting very low. If our toner is brand new and its printing light, it will suggest toner save mode is on, or resolution was set to 300dpi. By going to printing preferences, we can make changes to print settings including paper selection.
9. Loud noise coming from inside the printer - This is very dangerous. Immediately turn of the printer, stop using the device. This indicates engine failure caused by foreign object, loss gears, parts failure or a broken component flying in side. Fast diagnostic might save you the cost of a new printer!!!

On average, servicing a Laser printer will cost €50.00 but using printer till it stops might cost more. Don’t take preventable risk and service you Laser printer regularly.

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