EBS 1500 Overview

The Controller of a printer or printing system for producing large prints. Electromagnetic and/or piezoceramic print-heads can be connected. Owing to increased power requirement of the 24V bus, the number of connectable print-heads varies between 1 and 6.


The Controller with at least one print-head attached makes a fully functional printer. It demonstrate versatility and flexibility in configuring a printing system and high functionality of the printing.

Out of very many Controller capabilities, only the most important ones are specified below (some of them depend on the type of print-head used):

The Controller controls the process of making durable and legible prints on a variety of types of surface, smooth, porous and also uneven surfaces of irregular shapes, such as pipes, bags, insulation sleeves, fabrics, extruded packing,
Electromagnetic and piezoceramic print-heads can be connected to a controller, both types can work with the same controller simultaneously, each print-head can print various text files independently from one another, provided that prints are released and timed for all print-heads at the same time,
Non-contact print technology eliminates problems when printing on curved surfaces,
The process of printing is fully automated by the application, for all print-heads, of one photo-detector for detecting objects to be labelled and of one optional sensor for detecting travel rate of factory conveyors if the conveyors run at varying speeds,
It offers excellent capabilities to print (according to the type of print-head used):
texts on up to 8 lines (with a 64-dot print-head) with the use of a variety of matrices, in capital and small, boldfaced and rotated letters, and also with the use of diacritical national characters,
graphics with a set of graphics characters either built-in or created by a user with the application of a built-in graphics processor,
bar codes of various types, in positive or negative, with a numerical label or without it and the two-dimensional (2D) code Data Matrix ECC-200,
The time and date are available and can be used to automatically update service life/period of storage, with an option for coding date and time elements, number objects (via incremental, decremental and special counters) and produce dynamically changing bar codes (via incremental or decremental counters),
Data can be transferred from a PC or external devices, such as automatic scales, data from a bar code reader or data from user database systems, and also distribute them to individual print-heads,
The printer operation is fully automated and supported by a monitoring system and gives a warning if operator intervention is required,
It can work with any IBM-compatible PC via the application-specific printer control program EdGraf to be run under MS Windows® and via an RS-232 or RS-485 interface,
There is an option for interconnecting a number of EBS printers of various types into a network and controlling them from one computer via InkNet, network software running under MS Windows®, and an RS-485 interface.
All connections are grouped on one side of the housing, thus facilitating the installation of the printer in places where access is restricted.

Its splashproof housing of INOX stainless steel and diaphragm keypad ensure its resistance to water and all solvents that might be used the real working environment.

The printer's functions and      qualities ensure comfort of operation and service:
After the printer has been switched on, printing system elements are tested and the printer's readiness to use is indicated.
Automatic error and fault diagnostics, for example detecting empty ink bottle.
Automatic control of the operation of external devices (for example, halting the conveyor, if service or operator interventions are needed).
Ability to work with many other printer within a network of printers connected to a single control PC-type computer.
Printer design and software offer spare capacity to add a greater number of fonts and special texts, thus enhancing the printer's functionality in meeting users' individual and specific needs.
All external (electrical or pneumatic) connections are located on one side of the printer housing, and thus the printer can be placed in the corner of a room conveniently.



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