My Inkjet Printer Broke down

Most common breakdown reasons for Inkjet Printer are:

1. Foreign object stuck usually under the paper feeding mechanism.

2. Faulty paper feeding mechanism.

3. Firmware error (faulty printer operating software).

4. Waste tank full - Every Inkjet printer has waste tank for ink disposal after printing process. Full ink tank can cause printer to smudge ink on the page, colours not coming out right, or carrier stall. On average waste tank should be cleaned every 12 months in Printer Service Centre.

5. Often occurring Paper Jams. In most breakdown cases, 65% is users fault.

6. Software issues & Driver compatibility issues - Printer is not communicating with computer, not visible on the network, not responding or freezing computer.

According to our experience, expected life time of Home Inkjet serviced regularly is 4 years. When the fault is discovered, we will advice our customers with the best solution possible. Average Price for this service is € 35 euro (sorting all above issues) with 100% guarantee

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