EBS 1500 Parameters 1-2 Heads

Parameter Value
Type of print-head

Nozzle valves controlled with the use of electromagnetic transducers.


Number of print-heads to be connected simultaneously

1 or 2 *)
The print-heads depend on each other, i.e. the printing by both print-heads is released by a shared photo-detector and timed by a shared internal generator or an external shaft-encoder.
*) A greater number of print-heads can be connected for special applications; contact your local dealer for the optimum configuration.


Print height

from 5 to 64 pixels or 
from 6 to 115 mm for electromagnetic print-heads


Length of cable from the controller to a first print-head

Length of cable between print-heads

3 m as standard (up to 40 m for a 12-nozzle print-head)

from 1 to 5 m


Character size (matrices)

5x5, 7x5, 9x5, 9x7, 11x8, 12x6, 12x7, 14x9, 16x10, 16x14, 21x15, 25x15, 32x18, 64x36 and others;
various combinations of font types and sizes can be used and are only restricted by the type of print-head or specifically the parameter MPH, the maximum print height


National characters

multilingual diacritical characters (also Polish characters), the Cyrillic alphabet, Arabic characters, Japanese characters (katakana and a set of kanji characters), Chinese or Korean characters


Number of lines

up to 8, if a 7x5-dot matrix is used for a 64-pixel print-head,
up to 4, if a 7x5-dot matrix is used for a 32-pixel print-head,
up to 3, if a 7x5-dot matrix is used for a 25-pixel print-head,
up to 2, if a 7x5-dot matrix is used for a 16-pixel print-head,
up to 1, if a 7x5-dot matrix is used for 7 or 12-pixel print-heads



graphics of any length and the height of up to MPH to be inserted at any point of a text to be printed (a built-in graphics processor)


Special graphics characters

a set of pre-programmed graphics characters of frequent use, in the form of 7, 16 and 25-dot


Bar codes

Datalogic, Matrix, 2/5 5 Bars, Interleaved, Alpha 39, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 128, EAN-128, Code 128B, ITF8, ITF14.
All bar codes can be printed in inversion a preset number of times and supplemented by numerical labels and the width of stripes can be adjusted after changes in ink consistency


Two-dimensional (2D) code

Data Matrix ECC-200

Maximum print rate

120 m/min - for: Resolution = 27 dots/dm,
60 m/min - for: Resolution = 55 dots/dm,
for an electromagnetic print-head and print parameter: Intensity = 100


Timing (of all print-heads at the same time)

an internal generator, whose frequency is defined with appropriate print parameters,

an external sensor of conveyor travel rate, a shaft-encoder, one to be shared by the print-heads or one for either print-head


Detector of objects to be labelled, shared by all print-heads

a photo-detector as standard,
other detectors can be connected, if required by a user



a built-in graphics terminal equipped with an alphanumerical keyboard and LCD graphics display as standard;
a multilingual user interface also including the Japanese, Chinese or Korean languages


Control and operation with the use of an external IBM-compatible PC (optional and independent on the built-in terminal)

to control the operation of one printer via the program EdGraf and either an RS-232C interface for a cable up to 10 m long as standard, with the option of automatic negotiation of the transmission rate of 9600 Bd or 19200 Bd, or an RS-485 interface for longer connections,
to control a network of interconnected EBS printers of various types via the program InkNet and an RS-485 interface at the transmission rate of 19200 Bd


Additional serial port to connect external devices such as scales, bar code readers, computers and others

V24/RS232 or TTL, the maximum transmission rate of 19200 Bd


Operating conditions
Power supply

input rating:
AC 87-242V at 45-440Hz, DC 90-350V;
power consumption:
< 10W for standard version (with no print-head)


Power available on 24V bus

< 36 W - this value must not be exceeded by the total power consumed by all print-heads connected to the controller


Maximum power consumption of printing system is conditioned by:

number and types of print-head connected (number of nozzles),
print rate and intensity,
coverage ratio, i.e. the number of dots printed in proportion to the maximum number of dots resulting from multiplying the print length (a number of rows) by the maximum print height



operating temperature:
from +5°C to +40°C as standard,
from -10°C for special versions;

relative humidity:
up to 90% noncondensing


Acceptable exposure to vibration and impacts

up to 1g, at the maximum of 10Hz;
up to 1g for the maximum of 2 ms



height: 95 mm,
width: 300 mm,
depth: 237 mm,

minimum width of a compartment for the controller with cables attached: 400 mm


approximately 3350 g (controller with power cord)


Working position



Required inactive time

none; the device can run uninterruptedly for 24 hours


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