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Top Tips to Save In Your Office:

Printing is a critical function for any business, large, medium or small but it doesn't have to be a costly function. Lost time due to ink, toner or paper running out and staff having to leave the office to get more stock of printer cartridges can impact productivity and profit. Galway Cartridge is your one stop shop for all your printer needs and can help you to lower your printing costs.

  1. Re-use & refill your printer cartridges - At Galway Cartridge, our technicians refill & refurbish your printer cartridges and offer you up to 60% savings as compared to buying a new one.
  2. Quality: Satisfaction Guaranteed - Our refilled & refurbished printer cartridges deliver as good as new performance and we offer a 30 day 100% money back warranty* on them.
  3. Delivery - Convenience is only a call away. Galway Cartridge provides a free collection and delivery service in Galway city, as well as a courier service Nationwide…
  4. Duplex printing. Where possible print pages double-sided, in effect you could halve your paper usage.
  5. Proof read drafts before printing. Decrease margin areas to fit more copy on page.

Reduce your carbon-footprint. It can take up to 450 years for a printer cartridge to decompose. By using Cartridge World's service you are helping the environment because the cartridge goes back into your printer…not into landfill.

* We are happy to exchange any damaged or faulty products returned by you at your cost provided we receive them within 30 days of purchase. All exchanges/refunds will be approved at Galway Cartridge’s discretion. When seeking an exchange, please include a copy of your invoice with the returned item.

Top Tips to Help You Choose the Right Paper

And Save Your Ink/Toner:


Choosing the Right Paper

When it comes to choosing the right paper for the job, consider two key factors: the type of document you plan to create and the technology you plan to use.

Image and overall document quality depend on using the correct paper for the type of document you want to produce and the equipment you will be using.

You'll find descriptions of various paper types here, as well as criteria to help you determine which paper best meets your needs at this time.

Multi-Purpose Papers
Multi-use or multi-purpose papers are the workhorses of papers. They are ideal for a broad range of general uses, performing reasonably well in all areas.

Multi-Use or Multi-Purpose Paper Characteristic Checklist:

  1. Less expensive than specialty papers
  2. Performs adequately on all types of equipment
  3. Reasonable inkjet print quality
  4. Reasonable toner adhesion for laser printers and photocopiers(Less Toner)
  5. Reasonable ink absorption for offset printing(less ink)
  6. Available in 20-24 lb. weight
  7. Available in 84-90 brightness range
  8. Acceptable image quality for monochrome and draft-quality color printing

Laser Papers
Laser papers feature a number of unique qualities. First, laser paper must be able to withstand the high heat and toner formulations associated with the electro photographic process (laser printing). Paper performance can also be affected by the equipment's paper path (the path through which the paper passes during the imaging process). A number of product characteristics are built into laser-guaranteed products to prevent jamming and curling. You will often find laser paper in higher brightness (90+) and heavier basis weight ranges (24 lb+) than less expensive multipurpose sheets.

The demands of color laser printers are different than those of black and white printers. Why? When you use color, you subject the paper to four layers of toner. With black and white printing, only one layer of toner is applied. For this reason, high-quality color printing papers have a different set of product specifications.


Laser Paper Characteristic Checklist:

  1. Withstands high heat and toner demands(Toner save)
  2. Anti-jamming qualities
  3. Anti-curling qualities
  4. High brightness (90+)
  5. Heavier basis weight (24 lb.+)

Inkjet Papers
Inkjet papers are custom designed for inkjet applications, particularly full color applications. They are surface-treated to ensure good text definition, low color mottle (non-uniformity in the image color), and minimal feathering. The surface treatment also acts as a barrier to control ink drop penetration. This maximizes the brightness of the colors. It also enhances the sheet's smoothness, which affects image quality as well. Since there are so many different kinds of inkjet printers and ink formulations, designing an inkjet sheet that provides excellent image quality in all machines is tough. Be sure to read packaging instructions for both your equipment and the paper you are considering.

Inkjet Paper Characteristic Checklist:

  1. Specifically for inkjet use
  2. Particularly good for full color
  3. Good text definition
  4. Low color mottle
  5. Minimal feathering
  6. Maximum color brightness
  7. Smooth finish
  8. Proliferation of inkjet equipment means you must select paper carefully



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